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Strength in Body & Mind

I used to way around twenty stone. I'd love to say it was muscle, but it was fat - I was fat. My three year old niece told me so at the dinner table one Christmas Day.

I had never really been sporty and I had (and still do) a great love of food and cooking.


While my big brother was captain of the First XI, I was the chubby drama kid!

After my niece's honesty and a few other fat moments which make you want to crawl under a duvet and never come out again, I got to a place in my head where I knew I had to make a change. I felt invisible to the gay community and it was destroying me - I had to take charge in some way.

I ended up shedding nearly seven stone in nine months by training for the London Marathon and making better food choices.

I also love learning and decided to educate myself about fitness and nutrition and qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer and have recently undertaken the LDNMuscle Nutrition Course and qualified as a nutrition coach.

I am in the process of setting up a fitness and wellbeing business so that I can help people make a similar journey. I know it's not as a easy as eat less, move more - you have to be in the right frame of mind and you need the right support - which I can give as I have been there.

Watch this space for more info or contact me to see if I can help!

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